Ad-Aware Security Toolbar

Ad-Aware Security Toolbar is a free security software developed by Lavasoft, the makers of Ad-Aware. Built specifically for browsing protection, this security toolbar is a free browser plug-in that gives you safety advice as you browse the web.

How does Ad-Aware Security Toolbar create value to the end user?

Modern web browsers boast integrated protection against web-based threats. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera all leverage reputation-based systems to warn users of phishing sites and socially-engineered malware. By systematically attempting to match each URL request against cloud-based reputation databases, browsers pro-actively block blacklisted sites hosting verified phishing or malware threats.

The problem is that not all browsers-and not even every browser versions-use the same systems nor offer the same protection coverage. For example, some web-based threats can be detected in IE, while not being detected in Firefox-and vice-versa. Ad-Aware Security Toolbar is a Lavasoft project to fix this problem by keeping web browsing protection current with the latest reputation signals available.

While Ad-Aware Security Toolbar is still very much in beta, it has already shown positive results. The toolbar effectively adds an extra layer of protection on top of Internet Explorer and Firefox's pre-existing web browsing security. In development lab tests, Ad-Aware Security Toolbar-protected browsers have shown increased protection against web-based threats by blocking up to around 20% more sites hosting verified malware or phishing exploits. One key factor for this added layer of protection is that our website reputation database is updated every 5-20 minutes. This high refresh rate allows Ad-Aware Security Toolbar-protected browsers to benefit from added protection against the newest discovered web-based threats.

What makes this toolbar unique?

Like our flagship product Ad-Aware, our security toolbar was built to offer increased security and privacy for our users. The Ad-Aware Security Toolbar project's goal is to keep browsing protection up-to-date with the latest discovered web-based threat and to do it at no cost for our user. Ad-Aware Security Toolbar effectively adds a layer of protection on top of Internet Explorer and Firefox's built-in web browsing protection by warning users of phishing sites, socially engineered malware and web-based threats.

How is Ad-Aware Security Toolbar aligned with Lavasoft's brand values?

Founded on the ideals of social and corporate consciousness, Lavasoft has been building acclaimed security and privacy software since the nineties. After more than 450 million downloads, Ad-Aware has become an instantly recognizable brand among consumers and businesses. As one of the most trusted security and privacy solutions on the market today, our flagship product continues to operate on the core principles of security, privacy, quality and ethical practice. All of these principles have guided the project from its initiation to the launch of its beta testing program-and will continue do to so well beyond its 1.0 release.

In developing Ad-Aware Security Toolbar, we intentionally stayed away from third-party widgets that have historically devalued the toolbar medium. We only kept what really mattered for us and our users: quality security and privacy features.

As serious web-based threats continue to grow and intensify, we stand ready to deliver the latest quality security and privacy solutions expected by our users. Whether it is in developing Ad-Aware FREE Internet Security into a next generation anti-malware solution or in offering free web browsing protection with Ad-Aware Security Toolbar, all of our product development projects are founded on the core principles that have built our reputation.